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Tango-regatta 2019: from Slovenia to Venice and back

Tango-regatta is a yacht journey for people who dance tango (since 2012). This year we will travel to Venice. From 14th of September till 21th (1 week).

We´ll have wind and veils, open beautiful sea, races, warm nights and an amazing company. We´ll dance tango at the milongas, on decks and piers, and even on the waves!

We will sail on yachts (type Dufuor and Elan). 4 cabins sailing boat.
This year we got 6 boats.

All the captains know the waters and everything they should know, have all the licenses and permissions requires.
Veil sails are suitable for beginner yachtsmen and will be full of impressions for all of us.

Our journey starts and ends at Izola (Slovenia)
Whole week we will sail at the sea during the day (11am till 15pm)
Night stops will vary –we´ll stop at established ports, as well as light anchor in small cities. The crew members spend nights on board.

In our program we got: sailing trainings (with our instructors on each boat); real sailing race (3 day); 3 big milongas (grand evenings) at the cafes at the beach.
If you are interested - please join us!

Also feel free to ask any questions.
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