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The best Autumn Cocktail is a mix of sailboats, romantic atmosphere and tango!

For the 4th time in history of tango community – Tango-regatta 2015!


If your secret dream is:

-       to sail boats and go on shore at a real pirate bay;

-       to climb rocks and caves;

-       to work with sails and steer the wheel;

-       to find the difference between “beam reach” and “close hauled” without getting your “head to wind”;

-       to feast each day on the fish from morning-catch (and of course other sea-food delicacies) and fresh bread, with wine and sea wind;

-       to meet mornings and evenings in picturesque bays;

-       to return to home sun-burnt and boast to your friends showing outstanding photos and memories;

-       and last but not least – to dance tango!


Our captains and The Chief of Disks, and The Chief of Video and Photo invite you to the adventure!


We promise wind, sails, beautiful open sea, warm nights and friendly company!

All captains know the waters, marinas and all the specific details – they’ve been at this place not once.